VEA Services, professional development, Amazing Assistants course

Professional Development

Are you growing as an Assistant? This course will help you to become more organized and productive. That makes you a better partner for your Executive! 

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VEA Services, Amazing Assistants Private Facebook Group, hosted by Jennifer Maffei

Amazing Assistants Private Facebook Group

 For Assistants who are looking to grow in their careers and become Amazing Assistants!

This will be a "Secret" Facebook group so that all information is contained within the group and members are able to discuss topics that arise in the Assistant world - freely.

Membership is limited to those who have taken the Master Admin Procedures Course or worked with Jennifer directly.

Organizational Tools

Her is a link to the tools that I recommend. Every Assistant can use some or all of these tools to become more organized, productive and help their Executive to function more efficiently.

For a gallery of tools Click HERE


Accepting Resumes

VEA Services is always on the lookout for Amazing Assistants for our clients.

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