Here's what people have to say about working with Jennifer

MBX - client of Jennifer Maffei - VEA Services
Walker Tape Company - Client of Jennifer Maffei, VEA Services
Zen Float Co - Shanestott - client of Jennifer Maffei, VEA Services
erik jensen ROI - Business Associate of Jennifer Maffei, VEA Services
jaymie tarshis - Business Associate of Jennifer Maffei, VEA Services.
jen so Client of Jennifer Maffei, VEA Services.

Dave Monaghan

As a busy Executive, I needed to find the right Assistant. Jennifer made the process seamless. The coaching and consulting that is part of Jennifer's methodology maximized mine and my new Assistant's efficiency and effectiveness.  I highly recommend Jennifer and her services. 

Dave Monaghan, MHA, Founder and President, Compliatric




Diane Bonham

As President of Walker Tape Co., I was in dire need of an Assistant. Finding one with experience, professionalism and intuition was not an easy task. Jennifer helped us hire and train my Assistant - who is exceptional. Jennifer's skills and business savvy have broadened our scope and the expectation of the Executive and Assistant relationship - and her expertise promotes our success as well. 

Diane Bonham, President of Walker Tape Co. 


Shane Stott

Working with Jennifer has completely changed the way I think about and conduct my business. She has given me my time back and increased efficiency - not just for me, but for my companies.

Shane Stott,CEO, Inventor, Author


Erik Jensen

Finding and training an executive assistant is time consuming and costly. Plus, every wrong fit makes you, as an executive, less effective. Jennifer knows what it takes to get you through this process quickly and find you an assistant that will maximize your efficiency, not cost you efficiency. Why worry about it yourself when Jennifer can handle it for you?"

Erik Jensen, VP of Client Services at Predictive ROI


Jaymie Tarshis

I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to hire and train an Executive Assistant. It's been a huge privilege to be able to work with her and I now have a whole new outlook on time management, organization and overall efficiency in my work. 

Jaymie Tarshis, Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant




Jennifer So

Jennifer is amazing! She has coached me to improve my ability in being the best assistant.She has helped me motivate myself to strive and ensure that all tasks are successfully accomplished for the company. 

Her confidence in what she does is outstanding! It has been quite an experience that I truly will never forget. She is an amazing coach and I have been so lucky!"

Jennifer So - Assistant at Walker Tape Co.