The Keys to Maximizing Executive Productivity!

Increasing Efficiency With or Without an Assistant

Do you have enough time? Are you accomplishing all you need to at the office? Do you feel like you are running in place? Imagine that you could reclaim more time in your day… You can! 

In this interactive and informative program, Jennifer will hand you “The Keys to Maximizing Executive Productivity!” In Session 1, Jennifer will show you proven tools and strategies on how to be more productive and increase your efficiency. After the break, in Session 2, you will learn to determine when it is time for help and what that help looks like. Jennifer will then guide you on to how to find the RIGHT Assistant. Finally, you will learn how to make sure that you are working with your Assistant correctly to get your time back!

What You Will Learn:
Session 1 (90 min)

Why you need to get your time back
Time Management tools and strategies that really work
What is your time worth?

Session 2 (90 min)
Is it time for help and what does that help look like? 
Finding the RIGHT Assistant
How to get the most from your Assistant

Value to Members:
This energetic, precise program will enable leaders to take back control of their business lives. By reigning in the chaos to get their time back and then, if needed, how to find the RIGHT Assistant that will free up time to focus on key business tasks. The right Assistant on the team will catapult the company towards its core objectives, enhance focus, foster creativity and open up opportunities. 

How to Get Your time Back and Increase Efficiency - Time Management Tools You Can Implement Today

What if you could get more time back in your day? What would you do if you were more effective and efficient? What could that do for your business? 

You can achieve more in less time by implementing the tools and strategies that Jennifer will address in this seminar.

In this training session we will discuss: 

  • How to get your time back - the formula on quantifying how much time can be reclaimed.
  • Time Management tips and tools that really work and when it is time to delegate.
  • Increasing your efficiency and effectiveness by minimizing interruptions, batching your time and maximizing the time you do have every day for utmost efficiency.
  • The specifics on how to accomplish these things and Action Items you can implement right now!