Whether this is your first Assistant, or you have worked with many Assistants in the past - If you feel like you could be more efficient, productive, and organized, Jennifer has the solution for you!


The Solution for those who need a new Assistant

VEA Services will consult to find out what has worked or not worked in the past, then source, test, interview, provide assessments and recommendations to the client. We also guide those who have never hired an Assistant before to find the right match. 

The Solution for those that want to be more productive and efficient

Jennifer will work with both you and your Assistant to make sure that you are getting the most from your Assistant and that you - as a Team are working at peak productivity and efficiency! Jennifer will custom tailor a 90 day coaching plan for both you and your Assistant to maximize your productivity. 


The Solution if you need an Assistant & increased productivity - now!

You need a new Assistant and you want to be more productive and get your time back now! This service combines both the sourcing and coaching into one comprehensive package.