Jennifer has worked for and with Fortune Companies, Startups and small to medium sized business. As a result of this varied experience, Jennifer is able to coach Assistants to their specific market and give them the skills and tools they need to succeed faster.

Existing Assistants:

  • Jennifer will coach existing Assistants on perfecting their current skills, adding new skills and specialty skills depending on the focus of their company, industry and professional goals.  
  • There is a great emphasis on calendaring, organizational skills, preparing the Executive correctly, and professionalism. 
  • For Specialty skills, Jennifer will work with the Assistants on Project Management, Event Planning, Travel both Domestic and International, and International Travel Documents among other items.

Newly Hired Assistants with previous experience:

  • For new hires within a company, Jennifer will coach these Assistants to be a perfect fit for their New Executive.
  • Working with both the Executive and the Assistant to ensure that this new hire will be successful, Jennifer will do all the coaching mentioned above, and give weekly updates to the Executive to ensure the best match for both parties.