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Now Available! the "Amazing Assistant M.A.P - Master Admin Procedures manual and course". Every great Assistant knows that having all of your procedures documented and in one place, helps them to be more organized, efficient, and an even better partner for their Executive.

Great Executives know that a more organized Assistant, makes the Executive more efficient also. However, many Assistants don't have the time to create their procedures manual. It can be very time consuming and many don't know where to start. 

Now you do! 

Work directly with Jennifer! You will receive one to one coaching over 8 weeks to guide you through setting up your manual, tailoring the process to fit you and your needs, and setting you on the path to becoming more organized and productive!

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Now Available!

Are you a Receptionist that wants more!

My new course, "Reception to Assistant" is the answer. This course will help you to prepare to make that change. Filled with tips and valuable information; you will learn the "Must-have" skills to become an Assistant. From first impressions to the "Do's and Don'ts, Why you need to be using LinkedIn, audit of your Social Media, and How to Speak and Present Yourself to your best advantage and much more! - this course will guide you on your path to make your goals happen for you!

You will be learning from me,  Jennifer Maffei - who has done it already! Starting as a Receptionist, moving up to Assistant, then Executive Assistant before starting her own company. Then... moving to the United States and doing it again! Jennifer will guide you on your journey!

So what are you waiting for?