How to Get the Most Out of Working With an Assistant

Congratulations! You’ve found the RIGHT Assistant for you and your company. So now what? How can you ensure that you will get the most out of this valuable resource? Here are the 3 Top Tips to get you and your Assistant started the best way possible.


When your Assistant is first starting out, or if you are making some changes; expectations must be clearly laid out. Parameters to work within will make it a lot easier for your Assistant to be proactive and go that extra mile for you and the company.

Let your Assistant have a guideline of:

      • What you want (overall job description and tasks)
      • When you want it (timeline for tasks and projects assigned)
      • How you want the tasks or information presented

Then, let your Assistant shine! Knowing expectations really allows an Assistant to showcase what they can do and what their Executive needs. 


This is a vital step that is often missed when bringing on either a new Assistant or when changing the role or expectations of an existing Assistant.

 So what should these introductions consist of? There should be a meeting with your team to either introduce your new Assistant or to inform them that the role or your current Assistant is changing. You should discuss:

  • What your Assistant will be doing
  • How they will represent you
    • How your team will have access to you and what they will go to your Assistant for instead
    • Collecting information and conducting follow-ups for you
    • Stand in for you at meetings


It is essential for success, to have daily communication with your Assistant. That does not mean task assignment and general inquiries.  Real, daily communication should be the following:

  • Daily touch-base meetings where you set focused time to discuss status updates, give assignments, address questions and get on the same page as an Executive and Assistant team.
  • If you are out of office, a daily digest email.
  • Weekly digests, consisting of items you need to accomplish to allow others to move forward, status updates, any important information you are waiting for, and intended work plans for the following week. 

You will only realize the benefits of having an Assistant…

If you set them up for Success!