Investing in Your Assistant to Maximize Efficiency

How many of you are fully committed to investing in, and developing your teams to increase their productivity and effectiveness? The majority of Executives would respond with a resounding “Of course!” Investing in your team members helps them to improve, and in turn, helps your company to flourish. 

So how many of you are investing in your Assistants? I am amazed when I am greeted with blank stares on this one. Many Executives aren’t aware that A) they should be investing in their Assistants, and B) that there are Assistant development programs available.

What can you expect when you invest in the person in the office that you work most closely with? 

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Increased efficiency
  3. Improved communication
  4. Higher level of intuition
  5. Greater level of confidence

Now if your Assistant could improve in all of these areas; ask yourself, “What would that do for me as an Executive?” Ask:

  • If my Assistant could be more productive, could I delegate more? 
  • If my Assistant were more efficient, would I get what I need faster?
  • If my Assistant and I communicated better, what would that do to improve the work product from both of us?
  • If my Assistant were more intuitive, would I get a quicker and more thorough response and product?
  • If my Assistant had more confidence in their job, would their work and assistance to me improve that much more?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, its time to consider investing in yourAssistant. Just like your other team members, when your Assistant improves, everybody benefits!

Jennifer Maffei

President VEA Services - Creator of the Amazing Assistant M.A.P.