Unique Value: 

Jennifer comes from a unique perspective. She has both owned businesses, and been an Executive Assistant at Fortune 500 Companies - overseeing and coaching multiple Assistants. Over the years, Jennifer saw that there was a disconnect between the Executive and Assistant relationship. There are many seminars to go to, but no one was working with both the Executive and the Assistant to find out their actual needs and styles and then coaching both parties to work better together. Not in a generic form, but specific to their situation.

Jennifer has changed all that. 

Jennifer will source and coach new Assistants over a period of time and/or existing Assistants and work with the Executive to fully maximize that relationship and address issues that inevitably pop up. This coaching ensures that the training received is specific to each Executive's needs. 

Regain 3 months of productive time back - per year!


When you work with Jennifer - you are getting decades of experience. Not only will Jennifer source your new Assistant - the new Assistant will be coached to the highest level.  While you could go out on your own and hire an assistant, sort through resumes, train, etc.,  - Jennifer will do all this for you. This ensures you will have an assistant that is the best business partner for you and your company. If you have an existing Assistant - Jennifer will work with both the Executive and Assistant to identify areas where the relationship can be improved and will coach the Assistant to meet the new expectations of the Executive. 

Your Assistant will be tailored to the Executive and Company's specific needs - not a generic one size fits all scenario. What does that mean?

Increased Executive productivity immediately!

Coaching will decrease the time it takes to get your Assistant up to speed and will elevate their effectiveness as a business partner. Regular communication with both the Executive and the Assistant ensures that everyone is on the same page and working together - faster and more efficiently.